What is it that thrills you within a second? Think carefully, because these are rare and precious moments, but we are sure that one of the answers is – a delicious dessert.

Originally conceived as a light snack or side dish to dinner, muffins now rule the world of sweets. Although they exist in different variants, chocolate has been and remains a favorite flavor of many sweet tooths. Their airy texture is self-evident in the name, which has its roots in the French word “moufflet”, which means “soft”. And glucose is woven into the pores of this soft dessert – one of the preferred sources of energy for the human body.

Who would have thought that all that magic could fit into one powder mixture with pieces of chocolate? That’s why Bake O’ Clock is here, to make the dream of quick muffin making a reality!

One package of Choco mixture is enough for 12 standard or 24 small muffins. Preparation takes about 20 minutes on average. In addition to the fact that you can find a short recipe on our packaging, we encourage you to unleash your imagination and enjoy the possibilities provided by our Choco!


Healthy food and American pancakes – somehow, they don’t fit into the same sentence… At least until you find out about Bake O’ Clock protein pancakes!

Wondering what that is? Potentially, your new favorite breakfast and the perfect way to start the morning. What you eat has a big impact on how you feel during the day. And for the proper functioning of the organism, it is important to supply the muscles with proteins. While a normal pancake has an average of 2.4 grams of protein, a Protein Pancake contains about 10 grams.

In addition, proteins maintain bone health. Low sugar content in Protein Pancakes will help reduce unnecessary fat growth.

With our mixture, all you need is water, a little oil and a frying pan. Fresh and puffy – your daily dose of energy is ready! Bake O’ Clock Protein Pancakes mix is ​​enough for about 14 American pancakes.


“All sorrows are less with bread” – these are the words of the famous writer Miguel de Cervantes. The smell of fresh bread always brings us back to those golden and carefree days we spent with our grandparents and when the whole family was together. And somehow every bite was tastier with that piece of freshly baked bread.

Even if you don’t find yourself in this scenery or you’re just not a fan of dough, with Bake O’ Clock Golden Pastry you will discover a new dimension of fast and delicious pastries!

Buns, rolls, loaves… There are many options, and the ready-made powder mixture from Bake O’ Clock kitchen will allow you to prepare your favorite type of bread in the blink of an eye. In addition to the mandatory quality ingredients, our mixture is rich in sunflower seeds that contain vitamins B, C and E. Golden Pastry is completely free of “E” numbers and includes a lot of protein, dietary fibers and essential minerals Mg, Zn, Se, K, Mn, and Cu, which significantly contribute to the normal function of our immune system.

So, when you feel the desire to prepare fresh pastries, choose our Golden Pastry and at least for a moment become a great baker!


There is no doubt that diets are a very effective, whether the goal is to lose weight or improve general health. In the modern world, time is the most important resource, which is why people often give up on their goals. Many say the hardest thing for them while sticking to a diet is the looooong meal preparation. Shopping, chopping, cooking, stewing, baking… It never ends!

However, we have found a solution for quick preparation of healthy chrono products – Bake O’ Clock Chrono.

Delicious corn bread or soft chrono bread is ready in less than half an hour, and the addition of sesame, sunflower and flax completes the magic of taste. You will forget about all the bakery products that seemed irresistible. Even if you are not on a diet, you can use our mixture to prepare various products whose dietary fiber has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Save your health and time with our Chrono!


Although Bake O’ Clock offers a handful of options for a quick and healthy meal, it is sometimes difficult to choose just one. To inspire you, we put all of your favorite recipes in one place!

Our Story

Forget about long meal preparations and the kitchen full of clutter – Bake O’ Clock has arrived!

Hunger doesn’t know what time it is, but that’s why we know! Driven by the idea that favorite meals are always at hand, we developed Bake O’ Clock – a unique concept of food preparation in our area.

In the modern world, every minute is precious. We try to spend time at work or with our loved ones in the most productive way. That is why our diet often suffers – we eat off our feet, in transport, without paying too much attention to the very ingredients of the meal we eat. So, this is the right time for Bake O’ Clock!

We offer four mixtures for fast and healthy meals, which require 5 to 30 minutes to prepare. We are proud to present you new kitchen superheroes!



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